“I’ve had the pleasure to work with some amazing individuals and brands that I call friends. Here are some that I stand behind.”

Hands-On Companies

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National Diagnostic Testing and Franchising Company using advanced diagnostics testing for higher reimbursements and improved patient results.

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Effective Management Association

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Welcome to the Effective Management Association. During these difficult times, our focus is on uniting business executives, entrepreneurs, managers and employees at every level with the proven methods, insights and resources to grow your business consistently, year after year, despite anything. This is your opportunity to learn firsthand (and let your employees learn firsthand) from the best on how to become the best.

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Hands-On Practice Professionals

80 combined years in the PT space growing private practice. Clinical Excellence, Billing & Marketing Support, Management and Staffing Training.

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Simple and effective Recruitment and KPI management software.

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Franchise Management System.

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Physical Therapy Owners Club


Transforming PT Owners Into Leaders at providing stability and freedom for their patients but RARELY experience it themselves.

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The Profitable PT

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Teaching physical therapists how to maximize their income, profits, and net margin is what Will Humphreys does, but helping PTs change how they think, reclaim their freedom, and discover what is possible is who he is.

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Robust, full-service cloud-based human capital management software to help businesses streamline employment processes, from recruitment to retirement.

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Survival Strategies


Medical Practice Consultants – “You know how to evaluate and treat your patients. We show you how to evaluate and treat your practice!”

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David Brier

David Brier


Google’s #1 Rebranding Expert – “Slayer of the Mundane”“Liberator of Awesome”

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Prosper with Ireland


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Invest in Ireland for your future; Residency for a new business venture, Security & safety for your family, An affluent lifestyle and Education for your children.

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919 Marketing


The leading content marketing agency for franchise brands.

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Go Functional



Web Design Agency.

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SHRM: Society for Human Resource Management


APTA: American Physical Therapy Association