James Savas

Founder Cre8ive Solutions Inc.

“I love working with ambitious, driven individuals who want to go big(ger) and just need the right support, backup and added-capacity to see it accomplished. Because I’ve worked with private-practice owners in 27 states, helping some onto the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America and helping others expand from 4 to over 16 offices across 3 states, I find myself uniquely qualified to help those people realize their ambitions.”

James fell into “business coaching” accidently thanks to his local dentist… He was getting a cleaning and overheard the Receptionist complaining about not knowing how to ‘convince’ a patient to commit to their cleaning appointment, the boss was really giving her grief for it. On his way out, not thinking a lot of his ability to help, James lightly role-played the scenario with her and gave her tips on actually listening and finding a common point to initiate agreement from. These little ‘gems’ blew her mind.

Fast forward through rewarding and successful careers as a High School and Club Track and Soccer coach, fulfilling time traveling and studying internationally, then finally landing his first “real job” in NYC as an HR Manager; beginning his formal career in business.

Looking back at over 20 years in Recruiting, Human Capital Management, Business Development planning and execution, and Executive Mentorship, James realizes he’s experienced more than most and has a lot to offer others.

“When I looked at what I had seen over the years; what I dealt with and accomplished in business, and my drive to doing what I can to help, it was a no-brainer to incorporate Cre8ive Solutions as the bridge to that help.”

In addition to his savviness and acumen as a business expansion professional and coach, James is a music composer, short-story writer and the father to 3 amazing beings that keep him working.

Hoping he can be of service and help you “Cre8” your path to success!

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